10 ways to cheat via Mail-in ballot



  • Filling out ballots for people who did not request them: A person could theoretically obtain mail-in ballots for individuals who did not request them and fill out the ballots in favor of a particular candidate or party.
  • Forging signatures: A person could forge the signatures on mail-in ballots, either by copying signatures from other documents or by creating fake signatures.
  • Altering ballots: A person could tamper with the contents of mail-in ballots, such as changing the votes or adding or removing ballots from the envelope.
  • Voting multiple times: A person could theoretically submit multiple mail-in ballots by using different names or addresses, or by intercepting and submitting ballots that were intended for other people.
  • Coercing voters: A person could use various forms of coercion, such as threatening or bribing voters, to influence their vote or to prevent them from voting altogether.
  • Intercepting ballots: A person could intercept mail-in ballots before they reach their intended recipients, either by stealing them from mailboxes or by redirecting them to a different address.
  • Altering voter rolls: A person could tamper with the voter rolls, such as by removing eligible voters or adding ineligible voters, in order to manipulate the outcome of the election.
  • Harvesting ballots: A person could collect mail-in ballots from voters and submit them on their behalf, either with or without their consent.
  • Using fake or stolen identities: A person could use fake or stolen identities to request mail-in ballots, in order to cast additional votes or to vote on behalf of others.
  • Intimidating election officials: A person could intimidate or threaten election officials who are responsible for processing and verifying mail-in ballots, in order to influence their decisions or to prevent them from reporting irregularities.
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